Get help from Nutrisystem’s emotional motivation counselor!

Hello everyone, my name is David and I am 31 years old. I have been working as a stock broker for the past five years. I had been trying everything to lose weight for about a year until a friend recommended the Nutrisystem program to me.

How it all began

During my first three years at work, I gained a lot of weight. Being a new stock broker is a challenge; I had to work even on Saturdays, and I was spending four extra hours at the office on weekdays. Also, I had no time to hit the gym, and my diet was mostly fast food. In my early 20s, I used to play a lot of sports, but after college got over, I just couldn’t keep up with that lifestyle anymore. Finally getting my job as a stock broker, I was doing well financially, but health-wise, I started going down. Before the job, I was 185 lbs, and in just three years, I was at 253 lbs. This was a real problem but I kept avoiding it. I had a great job and a beautiful girlfriend. I didn’t realize I was that huge until one day at the bar, I overheard the bartender asking my girlfriend why she was dating “that fat man”. I realized that I looked like I was in my 40s when I was just 29 at the time.

For a year, I struggled, going to gym on and off, trying to eat salads on and off, until I realized that I wasn’t losing any weight. Instead I was gaining some! In another eight months, I had gained 12 lbs, and I was at 265 now. I talked to a lot of people about this, and all they suggested me was to go to the gym and eat healthy, but it wasn’t that easy. And I could really feel like it was getting harder with every pound I put on. Finally, I met an old school friend who told me that his wife was following some weight loss program, and it was working great. I was really desperate about losing weight, so I asked him more about the program even though I was extremely skeptical about it. My friend invited my girlfriend and me for dinner, and his wife told me all about the Nutrisystem program.

Transformation achieved using Nutrisystem

Calling the Nutrisystem office

The day after the dinner, I called the Nutrisystem office. I was delighted to talk to the staff; she was extremely polite and told me about how all sort of people come to them and have positive results. I asked her about the Nutrisystem discount codes and she wasn’t at all hesitant to talk about how these meals could cost me less. She even let me talk to a trained weight loss counselor who motivated me to follow the program for at least a month. He guaranteed I’d feel a difference after the first month if I didn’t cheat.

I called up the office every two weeks after that to tell them about my progress. I would tell them if I’m having any cravings, or if I needed some extra lunch for my girlfriend to try. Every time I called, the staff was great. They would answer all my questions and listen to me patiently. Especially the counselors were amazing. Every time I needed inspiration, I would talk to the trained weight loss counselor. In just five minutes of talking to him, I would already feel motivated! After getting motivated, I would visit their website to search for Nutrisystem coupons you may also read this source for their latest deals. Knowing that I’m spending minimum money on my diet was also one reason I could continue it for so long!

Talking about the food…

I was pretty excited when my food first arrived. It was nine days after I chose my meal plan. Choosing a meal plan is super easy with Nutrisystem. The staff suggests you which one is best for you after knowing what level of fitness you’re in.  I was suggested the core meal plan. Nutrisystem plans have six meals a day, each to eat at an interval for two to three hours. This makes sure that you’re never hungry. Also, their meals aren’t salads. They actually have pizzas and muffins in their diet. Yes, they are low-glycemic muffins, but they’re still muffins! All packed properly, most frozen, these meals need to micro-waved. With various delicious meals for every day, loving Nutrisystem isn’t that difficult. Not to forget, their deals are amazing, a $2 discount every day! The greatest part is that Nutrisystem meals are already so affordable. They only cost $13 at most, plus the coupons. The program is a win-win!

On the basis of my experiences, I have put forward three pros and three cons about the Nutrisystem program:


  • Motivation from trained weight loss counselors
  • Food delivered in just a week
  • Affordable prices with tasty meals


  • Difficult to resist fast food cravings
  • Having to microwave food even during office hours
  • Lots of patience required

I have now been following the Nutrisystem program for seven months, and I’ve lost almost 65 lbs. My girlfriend has never been prouder, and she sometimes orders a “Success A La Carte” plan so we have had quite a few Nutrisystem food dates. If you’re struggling with weight, I would definitely recommend Nutrisystem to you. It is an amazing program especially with those Nutrisystem promo codes; they make affordable meals even more inexpensive. So, start your Nutrisystem journey today, and lose all that extra fat!